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Update V2.2 Launched for VSM IndyCar 2018!

28/11/2018 17:12
What´s Change: Add a new driver suit pack made by Stex1973 with much better quality (the original ones are a mix of 2016-2017 mod recycled with suits made by me as fast as possible to have one) New (old) sounds for Honda-powered cars without the bug of the changing gear sound without change the...

VSM Road To Indy 0.5 launched

22/12/2017 14:56
VSM's newest project comes its first public version available for download!   VSM Road To Indy aims to bring together the largest number of different IndyCar seasons (and their ladder series) in the same mod with as much detail as possible.   Read more and download at...

Nissan GTR-LM Nismo 3D disponible for download

23/01/2017 19:48
VSM released today the Nissan GTR-LM Nismo 3D from 2015 for free and non-commercial use.    For more information visit: https://vsmotorsportsmodding.webnode.com/vsm-mods/nissan-gtr-lm-nismo-3d/   For more information visit:nbnbbbbnbbb For more information visit:

Adfly "is gone"

01/11/2016 02:17
All links in this site with adfly were reversed to its original links, being back without necessity to visit one advertising page to a download here.  Old links with adfly continue operating normally... In the near future, after the publication of "IndyCar 2016 V2", the "FTruck 01-07" and...
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