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Mountain Track, the first original VSM track

26/09/2016 01:55
The first original VSM track, totally fantasy, it takes place in a setting amid the dry mountains of stones, complete with a small tunnel and passes near to big falls, which contrast with a lake and even a waterfall (!!) and a road that has in the middle of uphills and hairpin bends and a fast...

IndyCar Series 2016 by VSM V1 Released

03/09/2016 00:48
It was released to the public today version 1.0 of IndyCar Series mod made by our team, VSM.   The mod has more than 130 different variations of paintings (St Petersburg to 100th Indy500), all variations of aerokits with graphic and physical changes, trying to simulate the best possible...

IndyCar 2016 IN - 2015 mod OUT

14/05/2016 04:26
With the time to release of IndyCar 2016 a little bit of the end, is hour to change site organization: 2015 mod OUT of title page and the new 2016 mod (on WIP at now) IN your place.One natural change, if you consider the 2015 mod project has ended officially after 0.6 patch by personal team...

Now we speak English!

15/03/2016 02:11
After market research and public of our site, we decided the default language, changing the Portuguese-Brazil, to English. Now the site is strategically positioned for your public reader.   Some links because this change might not work as well as one or other text can still be in...
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