DevBlog #1 - IndyCar 2020 V2 - A full revamp

10/11/2020 14:38

Hello, welcome to the first edition of the VSM development blog. This blog will focus on being presented on topics how the development of VSM mods. And today there will be a lot of text here. 


-IndyCar VSM V2.0:


Development is being slow, period, no discussion here. I will not use the excuse that "it is 2020", because the virus did not affect VSM in much, but it hindered other things that will be discussed here. Despite this, the mod will go through a "revamp" with changes in basically all its aspects, graphics, sound, physics and the correction of bugs.



"Oh yeah!", Here we will have important changes. VSM has a partnership with the Brazilian league "LGM" and before the league's Indy500 2020 (which we'll talk more about here), I was approached by the moderators to produce a 3D template for the mod. I always knew about projection painting, but I had never stopped to do a deep study on the subject, but after making the 3D template for LGM, I decided to study more and my friend, I don't know if I will skin again without using it. Incredible practicality.

This will give a new level to VSM skins, especially in parts that are "crooked" in the car mapping, such as the wheel covers mentioned above and in parts that are separated into more than one part.


Obviously, as in any VSM mod, there will be a "race-by-race" update, but this year due to the low number of photos available (here, something that the virus is disturbing) it may be that some details are missing. some logos (especially in hidden parts, inside the aeroscreen, etc.) may not be replicated this year. I will use it maybe several times here because it is something that I can only be sure of at the end of development.




Yes, not only will they be adapted to 3D painting, but they will have more than one option. I myself am using "version 3", which I am calling an "exploded" version, where the parts are quite separate. You will have good options. I am seriously considering recording a video soon, making a skin with the new template just as I did with the old one at the beginning of the development of mod 2018.


-New shaders (Reiza standard):


Shaders, in simplified way, are a code package of how materials are rendered in the game, practically every 3D game has this. One of the biggest differences between the rFactor and the AMS is precisely the shaders. Reiza put a new set of shaders on AMS, which are much more beautiful than the old ones from rFactor. The IndyCar 2020 V1 uses "mixed" shaders that are old rFactor shaders that Reiza updated, but in essence still the same as the rFactor. I had already tested using Reiza's new shaders, but they had never worked properly in my cars, but I discovered a very curious little error in my 3D (I already talk about it) that made the cars look very strange, even worse than with the recycled shaders.

Now, however, the mod is fully compatible with Reiza shaders and is even better.


-"Curious error":


I will not lie, I did not know that it was possible for a 3D to have different mapping layers, as if it were a Photoshop .psd and as I did not know about the existence of this, in my 3D, in addition to the main mapping, the mapping of the other layers was totally wrong. And something I didn't know was that these layers are used by SPEC, BUMP and CUBE maps, I always thought that they were controlled by the main mapping. As a result, in a simplified way, when I put the Reiza shaders on, the cars got strange reflections. Now with the UVs fixed, the cars reflect like Reiza's, a major upgrade without a doubt. Look at the aeroscreen!


-New options in upgrades:

As with other IndyCar mods for other games, you will have the option to choose the fuel rig side. I will already leave it on trackconfig.ini set for most tracks like aerokits and tires.


The mod will also have an option to disable the arms on the steering wheel and to remove the central halo bar on the onboard camera (not yet implemented).


-Another bugs fixed:


(RunTime Error) - Another thing that I found wrong in my shader settings is the value of "bias", that is, it works basically telling the game how much it should focus on rendering with the best possible material quality. Material without the bias will eventually be blurred, with, it gets sharper, that's it. My mods were very high use in this, which was forcing the game a lot and helping to cause the error. I took the bias out of the mod completely, but don't worry, with the new Reiza shaders, the mod only won in graphics quality.


(Damage model) - Version 1 of the mod uses a two-phase damage model. With a model for when the car is whole and a more detailed one that only appears when the car suffers some damage (it loses some part, any of them). In rFactor it worked well, in AMS I concluded that it was helping to cause "RunTime Error" too, and when in doubt I decided to take it out. The detailed damage system is still present, but in a single phase (it can have a minimal effect on FPS).


(Car hitting the ground) - Something known from my UAK18 mods, is that in ovals, the car floor hits the ground too much. It took me a while, but I discovered the cause of it: The downforce. Basically the value that controls the air flow pushing the car against the ground according to the speed increase, it was very high, the car was basically being sunk against the ground by the air flow going over. It still needs fine adjustment, but knowing the cause is easier to correct. The suspension must also be modified.


(Steering wheel with the central axis completely wrong) - Bizarre modeling error. That simple.


-Physics: (in addition to the changes already mentioned)

A lot, but a lot of people have already given me negative feedback about my physics, but I like, VERY much, the physics of V1. During the aforementioned LGM Indy500, the race was a carbon copy of the real race, with dirty air and turbulence having a real influence on the car. Overtaking was too difficult. And you know what? That's how I want it to be. I'm making occasional changes, but my original idea is not to change much just by fixing problems like the car hitting the ground.


*** 90% of Indycar's mod players on rFactor / AMS don't just want to play with any physics other than that on CART Factor, as if the UAK18 V6 had the same driveability as 90s cars, which deeply irritates me, but leave that conversation for another day.




I know that my UAK18 mod doesn't have the best audio in the history of modding, but the "sample" itself is made with real recordings of the cars, it shouldn't be so different, or "so bad". I came to the conclusion that the problem is in the .sfx itself and I have already started trying to modify it. No great results for now, but for now the focus is on graphics, I'll leave it to you to take it easy after closing the graphics package.


-"Trilogy version":


Considering that I already changed the mod a lot and discovered a lot of things since I made the 2018 mod and considering that the 2019 is incomplete, at the end of the 2020 I will make a correction version with the 3 seasons together in a "revamped" mod. I will finish this version before starting any other. In fact, we need to talk about 2021, but not now ...


-Launching date:


Well... will be a miracle it be before 2021, but don't will be much deeper inside it too.


-Final considerations:


For who like, thanks to Autonation we will have a lot of pink cars (LOL).

Seriously, most of the big changes have already been made, it's more a matter of closing the graphics. The audio is still making me dissatisfied and maybe it will give me extra work as well and it might hinder the launch a little too, since for this version it was released only when I think everything is done.


One last warning, don't forget to note that the "Racesim Library Project" is ending, as warned here, and for 2021 I will not host files that are not VSM anymore. Thanks and until the next blog dev.

-IndyCar VSM V2.0:
Development is being slow, period, no discussion here. I will not use the excuse that "it is 2020", because the virus did not affect VSM in much, but it hindered other things that will be discussed here. Despite this, the mod will go through a "revamp" with changes in basically all its aspects, graphics, sound, physics and the correction of bugs.