IndyCar 2016 IN - 2015 mod OUT

14/05/2016 04:26

With the time to release of IndyCar 2016 a little bit of the end, is hour to change site organization: 2015 mod OUT of title page and the new 2016 mod (on WIP at now) IN your place.

One natural change, if you consider the 2015 mod project has ended officially after 0.6 patch by personal team reasons, and don't is more our big project.

There is no more support and updates to the mod 2015, however, we recommend this unofficial patch 1.0, but know that it is not our responsibility.

Unofficial patch 1.0 (rfactorcentral patch creator page - link) -

The original page remains online and can be accessed by the normal link, the tab " VSM mods " or this direct link:

Vitor "Shadow" Souza - VSM

2016, May 14


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