Update V2.2 Launched for VSM IndyCar 2018!

28/11/2018 17:12

What´s Change:

Add a new driver suit pack made by Stex1973 with much better quality (the original ones are a mix of 2016-2017 mod recycled with suits made by me as fast as possible to have one)

New (old) sounds for Honda-powered cars without the bug of the changing gear sound without change the gears.

New position for the onboard cam (now you can see your mirrors!).

Hard tyres don't are fasther than soft tyres anymore at RC/Street tracks (from ICS2010 mod)

Fixed a bug in physics that made the engines to abrupt lose of power after hit 10.000 rpms.

This update is for the two versions (the suits go in 2 ways, 2048X and 1024X) and already have the fix1 files inside and backups (if you for some reason don't like the update)

For more informations and instalation, read the "read-me" file..


Download of the mod, Updated and more -> https://vsmotorsportsmodding.webnode.com/vsm-indycar-2018-v2/