VSM IndyCar '19 - Big development notes

03/07/2019 11:40

First of all, wall of texts ahead, be warned.

The IndyCar 2019 is in "Development Hell" (since the Indy500) currently, so I think it's fairer with anyone who is expecting the mod, say it all what is happening behind the construction of the mod and It is a sincere way to say what has led to this and your future. I know you're tired of apologies on the part of VSM, I'm tired of asking, but, some of my plans will not happen again, starting with by the launching video I had planned. Let's go to big text ahead.

Well, starting from the beginning, I was not planning on making the 2019 mod. If you remember, I even announced that VSM was coming to an end (you can read the original post on Facebook). You probably know that since its foundation in 2010 (!!!), VSM has always had problems with equipment, and in the end of last year we reached a limit, however, at the beginning of 2019 VSM was contacted to work on commercial projects, which made possible both new equipment than new games licenses, expanding a horizon that seemed locked up.

With the new possibilities, I, Vitor Souza, owner / creator and anything else in VSM, decided to make an effort and develop the mod 2019 to use it as a laboratory for me at new simulators. Originally planned for 6 (SIX!) Different platforms. And here the problems begin ...

Despite new equipment, VSM still a one-guy-only in most of development and still needs to honor their business commitments, leaving little time for mod development and recurring personal problems, made one by one the majority of the versions falling down. Let's go to the details of each version:

F1C - To tell the truth, I do not think deep down at any moment to doing for the good old simulator.

Assetto Corsa - One of the simulators that I had access to a original copy (Steam) recently and that I planned in depth make a version, but, honestly? I did not fall in love for the simulator and I found the game creation tool made available by the producer (Kunos) a bit confusing. Moreover, I HATE the AC community, you must remember that they converted WITHOUT MY PERMISSION for commercial purposes my mod a time behind. So when I started having difficulty making the mod in the game, and I started having problems with availability time to work on modding, did not think twice in cutting out the AC version of my plans.


GTR2 - I've always had a strange relationship with him. I like play, but it never caught me to the point of wanting to make a mod. This time I touch him, and unlike the AC, the GTR2 version exists, and is playable, more or less .... The version was canceled purely and solely because of the lack of time. I need to cut edges and this will be one.

rFactor - Well, do you know the mod 2018? Then you know that the engine does not support well the graphic weight of the mod. I have worked on cutting out much of the content (such as the detailed damage system, textures, polygons, and so on) to see if the engine holds up, but still has some flaws. The release of the mod in this version will depend entirely on me solve the problems. In any case, if launched, definitely, and I will not go back here in any way, will be my last for the simulator.

Automobilista - My new home is where I've made the commercial works and I was interested in learning more then all about it. It proved be a hell. EVERYTHING, ANY BUG by which a human who wants to make mod for AMS can suffersen, happened during the conversion / creation of the mod for the AMS. Do not think I just threw the mod in rF Tools and put it to the AMS, the idea from the beginning was not just convert our version of rFactor but rather create the 2019 in AMS and then take to the other games. But... Was bug with the new Reiza shaders, was the idiot modder here deleting files without wanting and having to recreate from scratch again, was Steam bugging and leaving me needing to download the game again. The engine itself optimized by Reiza did not fully accept the weight of the models (warning of memory), but with minor adjustments this was fixed without much difficulty and now runs perfectly with 33 cars on my new computer. But making this version was the most annoying thing I've ever done in my modder life. This led to the cancellation of the version below:

rFactor2 - In addition to the AMS, for job opportunities, I need to learn how to work with this simulator, soon I placed rf2 in the list of games in which I would have ICS19, but the AMS version killed the rf2 version, explain: As told, my idea was to do everything in AMS first and then convert to other games, but as the version of Automobilista was a hell to do, I came to the conclusion that I need to cut content, and I decided cancel the rF2 version, partly because it did not even start be developed, in part because analyzing rF2 over I find it even more complicated than the AMS to work and foreseeing new problems, I preferred the decision not to enterin this simulator, and in the future I must not enter. The VSM should end, this, end, on AMS.

If you think that I helped, even if little, with the NascarFunFacts NR03 fantastic mod, would be 7 versions ..


In addition to canceling versions, other new content was discarded:


Since the 2015 mod, VSM uses the sound of engines produced by PMG (Pagoda Modding Group). There is nothing wrong with them, but the sound of the Indycars has changed. In 2018 me and Adilson Rodrigues, we tried to develop new ones, but we could not solve some bugs. I planned to redo from scratch myself but it will not happen.

P2P light glows - Although P2P is confirmed in AMS version (see below), on the basis of the imitation I tried everything to make it work, but I could not - This is a Reiza's "fault".

Carset race-to-race - At least in the first version, no will have all the skins, I plan to only do the st.Petersburg and Indy500 carsets.

Steering Wheels - I have been promising this since 2018, but again ....

Make the rear light glows when the yellow flag is out is another thing I've been trying to do since 2018,but...


Not everything is bad news, let's confirm some new content in the mod:


The new 2020 car with aeroscreen (Exclusive to Automobilista due to limitations of the rFactor engine) - Remember the blurry photo. So...

Remapped suspensions that now allow a skin of its own.

Remapped cockpit with new improved texture.


New LEDs - 2019.

New physics with AMS turbo system and P2P - need to say that is exculsive of the AMS version as well?

In addition, the AMS version is fully compatible with the shaders and new effects (like the dirty tire) of Reiza.

3D optimized - AMS version works PERFECTLY offline (did not test online yet) on my new device with everything on maximum. The rFactor (1) version still needs tweaking more aggressive.


I know that you expected more, I myself planned a lot things, just see that the canceled content number is huge, I really insist on not stopping, but ... first to this mod be released I really need to cut content, second, "greater forces" really insist on making me have to stop, and well, it's already almost 10 years in that, maybe really it's time. Again, I know I've said that a thousand times,but.....

I think it's fairer with anyone who is expecting the mod, say it all
what is happening behind the construction of the mod and
It is a sincere way to say what has led to this
future. I know you're tired of apologies
on the part of VSM, I'm tired of asking, but,
some of my plans will not happen again, starting with
by the disclosure video I had planned. Let's go to
great text ahead.